We Have a Six Month Old!

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe I am even writing this post! If you a reading this right now, that means that I have a happy and healthy six month old baby boy 🙂 I seriously cannot believe that it has been six months since I have given birth to my beautiful son! Now, I’ll admit, I have not been the best at taking those cute little pictures every month, but I have been snapping pictures of him over time. Here is the most recent picture of him from this past Tuesday at his first time at the beach!fullsizerender-2

He loved the sand and had a wonderful time looking at all the lights and people on the boardwalk! Here is a snap of the boardwalk as the sun was setting!fullsizerender

Kwasi and I love going to the beach and this was the first time we were able to go as a family! It was such a wonderful experience and I hope we get to go again before it gets too cold. Enough about the beach. Let’s talk about what I have experienced in these last six months being a new mommy! There are so many things that I could write about, but I am going to give you five things that really stand out! Here we go:

  1. Be patient with yourself! It is so important to understand that as a new parent there are so many things to learn, experience, try, etc. You cannot possible know all there is to know about a baby in six months (or ever for that matter lol). Everyday is a new day and a new chance to learn. Take everyday head on and don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow.
  2. Don’t compare yourself or your kid to anyone else! Of course in this era of social media being one of the largest influencers, everyone is posting their lives all over for everyone to see. You’ll see  parents posting pictures of their kids walking at 4  months (totally exaggeration, but you get the picture). Never compare what your kid is doing or not doing to someone else’s. If you kid isn’t walking by age one or have teeth by eight months SO WHAT! You are not doing anything wrong and no one is doing anything more right than you. Every baby is different.
  3. Every baby is different! LEARN THIS! BELIEVE THIS! LIVE BY THIS! If you get this ingrained in your mind you will be set. Everyone will have tons of advice to give you and swear they know everything about babies because they have had three or four of them. And you know what, that may just be true, but they do not know everything there is to know about YOUR baby! You are the expert on your baby. No one knows more about your baby than you. As your baby grows, you will learn more and more, but never allow anyone to make you feel that you don’t know what you are doing with YOUR baby.
  4. Focus on your baby and your family and NEVER be ashamed of it! This one could be a post all on it’s own (which I may just do!). I have had constant issues with balancing my work life, friendships, school, and my family dynamics. I know this is something that everyone experiences in one realm or another, but when your family is involved it is just another story. It is especially hard for me because I was the first of any of my friends to have a baby and get engaged so my life instantly changed and became completely different than anyone around me. Sometimes it is hard for your friends to understand the position you are in when they are not in that same position or have not yet experienced that position. I found myself constantly apologizing and explaining why I couldn’t do certain things anymore or why my phone wasn’t always plastered to my hip. My family (Kwasi and Kaleb) were my first priority and making sure they were taken care of was of high importance to me. You would think duh ivory, we get that, but you would be surprised. I know that my friends just wanted to be around me, make sure we were okay, and want to be apart of this special time with me. However, this is a time that you will NEVER get back. This special one-on-one bonding with your child and with your family. As you can tell, that is very important to me. So I choose to be focused on my family and soak up every moment of time with them that I can. Of course I have outlets and I do see my friends (so no need to mention the importance of those things because I already know lol), but my family comes first. Choose to balance your relationships the way that you want and NEVER let someone make you feel bad for it!
  5. Have Fun and Enjoy it! As I said before, this time comes and goes. So enjoy every moment, both good, bad, up, down, hard, easy, etc. Take loads of pictures, share as much or little as you want, and never apologize for any of it. I strongly believe that you should live your life fearlessly and that includes parenthood!

I am by no means an expert on parenting or how you should parent. These are just my opinions and what I have found to be true in my mere six months of being a mommy! I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment or ask questions below! I love hearing from you 🙂 Remember to always flourish!

xoxo, ivoryb.


4 thoughts on “We Have a Six Month Old!

  1. Aw this is beautiful. I loved the five topics you spoke on epecially with the sharing as much or as little as you want on social media & balencing time with friends. And your input on being patient, not comparing, and enjoying every moment (basically everything lol) Although I’m not a parent yet I think your post relates in so many ways. Nice job Soror/Sandz! Blessings to you and your Fam!

    Alexandra #21 KPhi


    • Thank you Alexandra! Thank is so nice of you! I am glad to know that I am able to help even those who aren’t parents! Hope all is well with you!
      Ivory #5 NP


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