Football Sunday Sliders!

Today is the day! It is officially the first football Sunday of the year! For all the guys out there today is like your #psl (pumpkin spice latte), but for us ladies, we just don’t get it. Now, some of us ladies are all for football season. I know I am! I love watching my Eagles play (fly, Eagles, fly!). Sadly I have a Ravens fan for a future husband, but I prayed for a man that would like a different team than me so that football season would be interesting. God answered that prayer! For my ladies that are just completely not interested in watching the games, I have another way for you to be involved this football season. That’s right, in the kitchen! This slider recipe is one of my guy’s favs and the best part is, it’s easy to make! I saw the original idea on Pinterest, but I have added my own twists to it.


1 lb of ground beef

1lb of ground mild Italian sausage

1lb of your favorite cheese

1 sweet onion

1 green pepper

1 cup bacon bits

1-2 pack(s) of King’s Hawaiian rolls


  1. Brown the ground beef and sausage in the large skillet (add whatever seasonings you would like here. I usually add seasoned salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and old bay).
  2. Drain the beef and sausage.
  3. Mix the drained beef, sausage, chopped onion and green pepper, bacon bits, and cheese in the skillet. Allow cheese to melt.
  4. Once cheese is melted, cut each roll in half (do not cut all the way through) like a small hamburger roll.
  5. Spoon a small amount of your beef and sausage mixture into each roll
  6. Enjoy!



See! How easy was that?! You can serve these sliders with french fries, chips and dip, or a vegetable (for a healthier option). Be sure to serve these up with your guys favorite brew! There you have it. An instant win for the ladies this football season! Let me know if you try these out and how your guys likes them! I can’t wait to see how you guys serve these up! As always, remember to flourish!

xoxo, ivoryb.


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