Let’s Prep!

Hey guys! I feel like it’s been a legit week since I posted. Oh wait, it HAS been a legit WEEK since i’ve posted smh. I really need to do better with staying on my blogging schedule, but ya’ll…can I just tell you how REAL mom life is!! I know it’s no excuse though, there are tons of #bossmoms , #girlbosses , #bossbabes , that are just doing the dang thang! So I need to whip it into shape, right?! With that being said, this post is coming in right on time! I know that life gets busy and at times can completely consume us. Trust me, with currently being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and dirty dishes, diapers, clothes, and random things you never even knew could get dirty staring you right in the face, I TOTALLY get it! Life can be just down right hard. And you don’t have to be a mom for life to be crazy insane. With work, school, love life, working  out, and everything in-between, life is still a runaway mess. BUT GOD! Lately, there have been some things that I have been pursing and potential opportunities that I have been open to. I won’t get into all the gritty details because really, that is totally not what you came here for, but I will say that God has really been putting a single word on my heart lately for this season. That word is…

PREPARATION! Now, you may be thinking okay Ivory, that’s just one word. What am I supposed to do with one word?? Well, I know I am not the only one who is currently in one of those in-between stages. Where you just completed one big hurdle and are waiting for the “next” big thing to come. Now I don’t mean this in a negative context. That “next” big thing could potentially be a new baby, engagement, marriage, graduate school, a new job, a new home, or whatever is that “next” big thing you have been stalking. I find that a lot of times while we are waiting on that “next” big thing, we do one of two things or, like me, we do both.

  1. Wait! That’s right. Sounds easy enough and it seems to make sense. I mean if we are waiting on that next big thing then waiting patiently seems like the right thing to do.
  2. Focus! Well that sounds even better. Focus is the most important part of achieving goals. If I am completely focused on that “thing” I am waiting for, then I should be more likely to achieve it. Right?

Now, I agree. Both of these things sound like they make the most sense. I have done both of these things myself when I am trying to reach a goal or pursue an opportunity. But in actuality, you shouldn’t do EITHER of these. Now, I am not saying not to wait on God for your blessing because of course he is the giver of all things! And I’m definitely not telling you to not focus. Focus is one of the most important things you can do when setting and achieving goals. What I AM saying is that there is one crucial thing that we skip over when it comes to our goals and dreams and that is to actually PREPARE for that “next” thing. We have to understand that those in-between times that we usually dread so much are actually blessings from God. Use those times to PREPARE for what is to come. Now, you may not know every single detail, but that is okay. Preparation is not to replace your trust in God and patience in waiting on his timing. Preparation is YOU doing YOUR part. We all have a part to play when God calls us to do something. That might mean that if God is calling you to move to a new state for a job, first and foremost you have to apply. Now once you apply for the job, don’t just wait around for “God to work his magic”. He is not a magician. He is a practical God who wants us to put our faith to WORK. So once you apply to the job, do some research. Research the position you are applying for. What is the company currently doing and what are some things that you can bring to the table to help move the company forward? Research the area. Where are possible places you could live? Would you possibly like to buy or rent? If you have kids, what types of schools are there in that state? Or what types of daycares? Now I am not saying that the things you research are the exact directions that God is going to take you in, but at least you have done YOUR part by putting your faith to work. Through my own situation, I have found that there are six things that can help you PREPARE for whatever goals you are looking to achieve!

  1. Identify. Identify what your goal(s) are. What are you looking to achieve? When you know what your specific goals are, you are more likely to be focused and not get sidetracked by the little things. Write those goals down and put them in a place where you can refer back to them at any given time.
  2. Plan. Brainstorm at least three things you can do to achieve your goal(s). If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head, do some research here. What are some things that you might need to do to be able to take steps towards moving closer to your goal(s) you are looking to achieve?
  3. Materials. GET A PLANNER! A planner or a notebook are seriously your bestfriends when it comes to goal mapping and preparation. I know to some, writing things down might be old school, but chile! When you physically write things down they better stick in your mind and you are less likely to drop the ball on things. Plan things out (logically), be specific, keep everything in once place, and stay organized. If you are looking for a planner or would like to get one to better organize, plan, and prepare, check out the LYTE Planner! I have talked about this planner before, it’s amazing, and they have even LOWERED their price ($42.00)! Check them out here!
  4. Accountablity. It is really hard to stay motivated and focused on a goal(s) that seem so far away. So to help you to stay on track and stay true to what you have planned out, get yourself an accountability partner. An accountability partner can be anyone that can check-in on you and hold you accountable to your preparation plan. Be sure to let them in on your overall goal(s) and let them know what your plan is so they can better help you. Of course my fubby  (future hubby) is my accountability partner!
  5. Act. This is most important. Make sure you actually ACT on what you plan. I know sometimes I make the mistake of having a huge planning day and get all pumped for doing my part and then I don’t follow through. Don’t get caught in the trap! This is where your accountability partner is really helpful. It’s nothing like having someone else keeping their eye on you to get you going lol.
  6. Prepare NOT Plan. It is important for us to remember that preparation is not to replace God’s plans for us. Preparing is just us doing our part after God has given us a desire, passion, dream, vision, goal, etc. Remember never be in a rush to jump ahead of God. Always pray and keep God at the core of your heart because from your heart all things flow.

I hope this helps you guys with preparing for your “next” thing, especially as we are coming into the last leg of 2016 and 2017 is right around the corner. Don’t wait until January 1st to start preparing. Most importantly, don’t feel the need to rush. I sometimes feel like when I am preparing, I tend to try and rush along what is coming next. We all need to soak in where we are now and thank God for all that we have in this moment. Feel free to comment any goal(s) that you are currently working towards and even share your new and improved preparation plan! As always, remember to flourish!

xoxo, ivoryb.



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