CarSeat Chronicles!

Welcome back guys! It’s time for another installment of #CarSeatChronicles! Now, I’m not sure if you guys are following me on Instagram, you totally should be @simplyivoryb, but just about everyday I post videos of my family and I and our everyday adventures (as we like to call them). I pretty much just use my Instagram story instead of Snapchat because it is easier to do everything on one app. So when you follow me on Instagram, be sure to keep up to date with my Instagram story to see all the mayhem that is #CarSeatChronicles! So, let’s get this show on the road!

Last week started with a trip to our local city park. Now Kaleb doesn’t always know exactly what is going on when we take our walks around the park, but he does get to see things that he normally wouldn’t see in the four walls of our home (okay, we have a little more than four walls lol). As he grows, he enjoys the park more and more. He likes to look at the geese, the people (especially the children), and all the dogs that are being walked by their owners. Kaleb LOVES animals and is by NO MEANS afraid them which I think is awesome. We have pretty much already decided that we will be getting Kaleb a little fur brother in the near future. Here are some of my favorite shots from our little excursion.


The next day, Kaleb had his six month check-up at the doctor’s office (dun, dun, DUN). Lol, just kidding. Kaleb usually does amazing at the doctor and never really gives the doctor too much trouble. Just to run off some stats, Kaleb is:

Weight: 21lbs and 4oz

Height: 27 inches

He can hear and see just fine, his joints and bones are working properly and growing strong. His head is pretty big too, but I can’t remember the specific measurement (forgive me, mommy brain is REAL)! He did have to get two shots this time (I seriously cry worse than he does, don’t judge me lol). However, he did great! He cried just a little and then immediately stopped once it was all over. His doctor encouraged us to give him baby food three times a day, so thats a huge step up from his one every day or every other day. Most importantly, and probably most exciting, Kaleb has TWO TEETH! Okay, so they are still coming in, but you can clearly see them! He even knows how to use them lol. He tried to eat a piece of macaroni and cheese this weekend!! I had to do the ole finger swoop to get it out lol. Kaleb also is saying DaDa and MaMa 🙂 yay!!! Look at our big boy!!

This past weekend was such a fun one! We headed to Baltimore for a family fun weekend! My fiance is from Baltimore, so Kaleb was able to spend some time with his Gigi! We didn’t do too many extravagant things. We honestly just relaxed and enjoyed each other. Sometimes, you can get caught up in the ordinary things of life and it’s everyday routine so it’s always nice to switch it up. We did watch the Ravens game since this was fubby’s first Sunday off in almost two years! I really hope you guys were able to watch clips of #CarSeatChronicles this past Sunday!! Catching fubby’s candid reactions were the BEST! We might have to start vlogging #CarSeatChronicles so those of you who miss it or don’t have an Instagram can go back at anytime and catch the craziness that is our family LOL! We also went to a babyshower on Sunday (my second one since my own and I feel like I get more excited each time!!). The shower was jungle themed and the decorations were BEAUTIFUL! We had an awesome time playing games and I even got to snap some shots of baby batman (Kaleb’s nickname) and fubby! Oh, and my ugly little selfie because i’m always behind the camera!

This past week has been a blast and I know our adventures will continue! Make sure to tune in to my Instagram story during the week to catch #CarSeatChronicles live! You can always catch up and get a full recap here on the blog every Tuesday! Comment below and let us know if you would like to see us vlog #CarSeatChronicles!

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As always, remember to flourish!

xoxo, ivoryb.


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