Lesson 4: Back to the Beginning

Hey ya’ll! So it has definitely been some time since you’ve heard from me and I am so sorry. I just needed to take a mental break and spend some much needed interrupted time with my little family! But I am BACK! It’s the last week of The Soul Series 😦 I can’t believe that we have been on this four week journey together, learning more about the possibilities of being more open and honest with ourseleves and the amazing freedom it brings to our lives.


Image from Unchanted Thoughts Blog

Lately, I have been in this sort of funk. Almost three months ago, I lost my job. This job was a DREAM job. The hours, the pay, the duties, everything was perfect. After being on the job for nine months I applied for a higher position within my department. I was nervous, but I thought I was a shoe-in. After I interviewed for the position, it came out that I did not officially hold a bachelor’s degree! I was too confused! What do you mean?! I spent four years in school doing what?! Not only that, I took classes while I was pregnant so that I could officially complete my degree so what was going on?! Long story short, I had to stop working until I officially completed my degree. My job gave me a timeline to complete it and as long as I completed it in that frame, everything would be okay. Of course I didn’t complete it in that agreed upon time frame. So there I was jobless, trying to complete my degree, and a family to help take care of. I was in such a place of disappointment and frustration. I was just fed up honestly. This wasn’t the first time that I had been jobless since graduating college. The first time I was pregnant and still had a home to take care of. I mean who wouldn’t be frustrated with constantly feeling like a failure right?

Then it hit me. Three whole jobless months and one completed degree later. Yes that’s right, I completed my degree (PRAISE HIM!!!). I literally stood in the middle of my living room, looked around, and just said THANK YOU. I was in such a place of gratefulness.

I am so grateful to God and all he has done in my life. Here I am, waiting for Him to do the impossible when he ALREADY IS! I have no job, but my bills are getting paid, my family is eating, we have a home, and we are all in good health. I was so focused on what wasn’t happening that I didn’t take a moment to just be thankful for what was already being done. I’m at a point now where God is doing some AMAZING things in my life. I am working on two big projects and I truly believe that they will be blessings to someone’s life. I decided that I don’t want to take a break from blogging while I work on these projects, so I need YOUR help!

I want to go back to where we started. At the beginning of the series I asked a question.

What can I help you with?

That question still stands. I want to know what you care about. What are you struggling with? What are some things you want to know? What is some advice you might need? Even if you are going through a situation and just need some guidance, I want to help! Please feel free to send me your questions, situations, topics, etc. HERE. Everything will be anonymous (unless you indicate otherwise). I created this blog to help women that are going through the same things I go through every single day, but no one talks about. So let’s work together and talk about it!

I’m so excited and can’t wait to see what you guys are up to! As always, remember to flourish (and VOTE)!




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