Blogmas: Day 3

I have a schedule worked out guys. I will post the previous day’s blog on the next week day. For an example, today is Blogmas Day 4 and I will be posting Day 3. Tomorrow is Blogmas day 5 and I will be posting Day 4. Does that make sense? Let me know in the comments if I should change up this schedule. This is my first time so I’m trying to figure it out. Haha!


Yesterday and today have been very relaxing for me. Kwasi had two days off from work this week since he works crazy hours this upcoming weekend and I have enjoyed having him home. I am most at ease when my Husband is around. I’m not sure if that is creepy or weird, but it is just something about having your protector with you at all times. Yes, of course I know that God is my protection, but God gave me my Husband as a physical protection on this earth. Don’t attack me ya’ll 🙂 When Kwasi is home I like to give him my undivided attention. Of course we have moments where I’m working on the blog, answering emails, etc. and he is playing Madden or Fifa, but for the most part we are spending time with each other as a family. We have been making sure that we are really working at being intentional about the time we spend with each and putting our relationship first because in a marriage that is important. You never want the love to die or your significant other to take a back set to the other hectic parts of life. That includes your child. Kwasi and I’s marriage is more important than Kaleb because only Kwasi and I are one. Kaleb is an offspring of our oneness. Of course Kaleb is uber important and we don’t neglect him or anything, but we want to teach Kaleb that his one day spouse will also be more important than his children, us (his parents), or anything else. The only person that comes before your spouse is Jesus.

I feel like I haven’t really done many chores since Wednesday, but as I look around my house doesn’t look half bad. I get some help when Kwasi is home so I soak it in ya’ll because tomorrow it’s back to reality. Back to doing everything on my own until Kwasi gets home from work. It’s hard being married and having a family ya’ll. I know you see the cute pictures on Instagram and you have your #relationshipgoals, but know that it takes work. It’s no cake walk and it’s not just all fun, games, and rainbows. Now don’t get me wrong I  LOVE  being a Wife and a Mother. God has graced me for such a time as this and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I just want to make sure that i’m not giving a false image of what marriage really is. Marriage is way more than just the nice dress, the bridal party, a reception, and a honeymoon. That is just a day. After that day is what really matters. Kwasi and I always say that we care more about the days after the wedding than the wedding day. Honestly, this is a mindset that comes well before marriage. In your singleness is where you prepare yourself for marriage. Not when you get the ring or when you walk down the isle. Okay, I’m getting way off track and topic lol. Maybe I’ll do a relationship series or something. Would you like something like that?

On a different note, Kaleb went to bed at 9:49pm last night! PRAISE HIM! He only woke up once (around 1:30am) to eat and then back to bed he went. He didn’t wake Kwasi and I up when he woke up at 1:30 because Kwasi and I were up watching a movie so all was well. I think it was because I didn’t let him sleep as long during his two day time naps. I let him sleep long enough to get recharged and not cranky, but not like full on sleep coma. When Kaleb went down for the night, Kwasi and I started watching the movie “The Revenant” with Leonardo DiCaprio. It is a two-hour movie so we didn’t finish it, but we watched about fifty minutes of it and OH. MY. GOSH. It was SO GOOD. Before I met Kwasi, I was a totally chick flick type of girl. Just give me a movie with Jennifer Lopez and I’m set. Kwasi on the other hand is the complete opposite. He is all about action. He literally fell asleep when we went to see The Hunger Games: The MockingJay Part I because he said the movie was moving too slow. Who does that? Anyway, I have gotten more into action movies now and The Revenant gave us all kinds of action. It was just so good. I will go into more detail in tomorrow’s blog since we will have finished it by then. Have you seen The Revenant? If so what are your thoughts on it?

Let’s go back to what we were discussing yesterday. We talked about cheating on God or spiritual adultery. Spiritual adultery is also referred to as the spirit of prostitution. I know, such a yucky word, right? Prostitution is to sell oneself for low purposes or for things of little value. I’m sure your mind thinks of everything, but God when you imagine the word prostitution, but spiritually, we have all been prostitutes at one point in our lives. Anytime you have been unfaithful to God or have sold your gifts, talents, yourself, even your body for meaningless purposes you were operating in the spirit of prostitution. I will speak about myself here. Before I was truly living for God, I would bounce from relationship to relationship and give myself to men who didn’t deserve me. I was selling myself (not literally) but physically and spiritually for the meaningless purpose of lust and impersonations of love. Some others ways that we can be unfaithful or “cheat” on God is:

  1. Seeking after “things” instead of God
  2. Making “things” more important than God
  3. Worshiping “things” as idols

Now, people can very well be included in “things”. Anytime we do any of these three things, which we do more often than we think, we need to stop and evaluate our lives and our relationship with The Lord. Hoesa 6:6 says “I’m after love that lasts, not more religion. I want you to know God, not go to more prayer meetings” (MSG). This really convicted me, but encouraged me all at the same time. I believe God is calling me into a new season of life where He is going to reveal Himself as something new in my life. He already is my protector, my provider, my restorer, my healer, but He is so many more things to us and I believe He wants to show me more. God wants to have real relationships with us. Just praying here and there isn’t enough. Heck, just praying every day isn’t enough. I am not saying that you should stop praying, because God loves when you pray. It’s a form of communication, but I do believe that he wants more.

Think about a human relationship that you have. You actually spend time with that person, you don’t just read about them. You go out to eat, to the movies, you make dinner with/for them. You sacrifice sleep just to talk to them. You ask them what they want, what they need, and what you can do to please them. We should be putting in this same, if not more, effort into our relationship with God. I don’t believe that God is just some dead God that I read about in the bible who was a good guy, but He is living in my life and performing miracles in my life EVERY DAY. He is the same living God now as He was then. We have to change the way we view God in order for us to have deep and meaningful relationships with Him. I thought, okay Lord. How can I grow in my relationship with you. How can we spice this up? He showed me that I need to be more willing. I need to believe for greater. I need to trust for bigger. When you open your heart to be more willing to God and his plans for you, you take the limits off of a limitless God and also the limits off of your relationship with Him. You’re saying that your relationship with God can grow so strong, so deep, and so much greater than you could ever imagine. I believe God truly wants to show us His glory here on earth. I don’t want to wait until I get to heaven to see the blind and the lame healed. I believe He can do that here and now. We just have to be willing in our hearts to believe and follow His will.

What is God speaking to you for this new season? Do you think God wants you to go deeper? If so, what are some areas in your life you could possibility be putting in His place? What are ways that you can refocus and open your heart to God and all He wants to do in you and through you? Let me know in the comments, I would love to talk with you! How are you guys liking #blogmas so far? I think they are getting better and better. I’m still working on 500 words or less 🙂 As always, remember to flourish!




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