The Soul Series


This is our question. Our starting point. Our beginning. Starting with this question allows for transparency, vulnerability, building of trust, and openness. It removes uncertainty. It is the very core of servanthood. With this question, you are asking what can I do to make life easier for someone else? It puts “them” first and “you” last. It opens doors of opportunity. Opportunities to serve, listen, advise, relate, and advocate. It allows you to see life through the eyes of another. It removes assumption and stereotypes. It builds relationship and even character. With this simply and easy question, you reveal your soul and most importantly who it belongs to.


The charge throughout this series will be for us to continue to have this question branded into our minds. Erasing judgement, jealousy, comparison, inequity, disqualifications, and limitations. In this series, we will view ourselves as souls seeking to honor one another through service, understanding, love, and Christ. We will seek to give instead of receive. We will seek to listen before answering. We will seek to show up instead of making excuses. We will seek our souls as the main ingredient to our destiny.

This is the soul series. Are you ready? Start here.