Soul Search


Soul searching. A simple phrase that we have all heard a one point in our lives. Soul searching. A not so simple journey of self-discovery that we are currently navigating our way through or have done so unsuccessfully in the past.


When we think about the action of searching our souls, we normally have some picture of ourselves traveling to some remote island or international super city living some eat, pray, love fantasy. We have managed to turn a rugged and imperfect pathway that is cluttered with spiritual, mental, and emotional debris into a light-hearted fantasy. How did we get here? In my personal opinion, I truly believe the rise of social media and the obsession with the consumer market has taken us to a place of fantasy. A dreamland. Ultimately leading us to create fantasy versions of ourselves and those around us. We have created “our” version of life and are determined to squeeze ourselves through that flawed and minuscule version even if it kills us, figuratively of course.

For the past two months, I have been on a journey. Going through a process. One that does not involve me living life like a member of the sisterhood of traveling pants. No eat, pray, love. No fairy tale ending or beginning for that matter. Just plan ole’ stress, frustration, disappointment, private victories, faith, trust-building, and tears. A LOT of tears. I know this isn’t the version of self-discovery or soul searching that our social media crazed generation portrays, but it’s real. It’s raw, unclean, and uncut. It’s THE PROCESS. Pastor Carl Lentz said, “No one Instagram’s the process”. How true is this you ask. All we ever see everyday, all day long, are strategically positioned, filtered, cropped, and edited images. We see the end. The Chapter 7 (we will get into this later in the series). No one every shows the real.

Of course I wouldn’t expect someone to post and broadcast every failure or difficulty. I don’t think that would be genuine. When you are experiencing real hurt or going through real stuff, sharing with the world is the last thing on your mind. It’s about the moment after. The small window of a second when you aren’t breaking down, but you still haven’t figured it out. The moment when you tell yourself, it’s going to be okay, even though you may not be fully convinced. The moment when you fall to your knees and cry out for God. The moment when He reassures you that He has purpose and a plan for your life. The moment He calls you  to TRUST Him. Those are the moments that need to be shared. Not every intimate detail, because some things should just be between you and God, but what he leads you to share. The truth. The real. The process.

That is the goal of this portion of The Soul Series. To document the process. To be able to see past our own issues, lean over, and help someone else. To collaborate with one another in hopes of moving forward in our processes. Now, some parts of your process are designed just for you, and in those moments I encourage you to sit with the Lord. Discover. Ask questions. In the parts where you have that revelation of “Hey! Someone else needs to hear this!” those are the moments I encourage you to share. The Soul Series is that place. A safe place for you to share your process and encourage others through theirs. Now, more than ever, we need one another. We need the strength of our Brothers and Sisters. We need to dedicate ourselves to ourselves. We need to see the importance of knowing our souls.

Each week, a new lesson will be posted with a corresponding prompt. The prompt and the soulQUESTs are there to help guide you through each week. To get you to think deeper, further, and harder. To lead you from faith to faith. To help you learn to trust God through each step of the process. I encourage you to share your process and your answers to the prompts as we go along. If you are interested in sharing, feel free to do that here. If you are ready to indulge in The Soul Series, start here.