So You Want To Flourish?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Hey there beauty! I’m so glad you have found your way to my humble (virtual) abode. For almost two years, maybe even longer, I wanted to blog and share my life and day-to-day experiences with the world. I found that every time I would start a blogging project, I would find some reason not to follow through. Recently I got re-inspired to do what I have always wanted and through that rekindling of my passion was created!


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Now, to be honest, this blog is truly for my own expression and enjoyment. I have a very active mind (it NEVER shuts off) so this blog allows me to release all those many thoughts that crowd my already overcrowded brain. However, this is also a place of friendship, fellowship, and freedom! I always say that as a woman you never feel more free and accepted in all your hood rat ways than you do at your best friend’s house so that is exactly what this place is! Imagine hanging out at your bestie’s house for a weekend and you have the exact idea of the site.

Of course I make things exciting and fun here, but in doing that I always keep things real. I never make something look like something it’s not just to uphold a certain image or even to attract loads of traffic. This vision was not built on numbers, but the rock that is Jesus Christ. He blessed me with this amazing platform and I plan to honor Him through it in each and every way that I can. With that being said, everything here is real and raw. As one of my Soror’s once wrote in a blog post, “I tell my truth in real time”.  I know that we live in a generation where everyone likes for everything to be dressed up and look a certain way  due to the large amounts of pressure that is social media. I mean because who doesn’t want their edges laid perfectly in every picture or self-done makeup slayed to the gods?!

In reality, we all know that life is not always quite like that. I want to do my absolute best to give you reality. Nothing less and nothing more. Will you see tons of awesome graphics? Yes. Will I make sure that the site is appealing? Of course. But I will be sure to give you what life really looks like not just for me, but for all of us. I promise to motivate, inspire, laugh, and cry right along with you and be sure to always be relateable. As it says in 1 Peter 5:9 we are never suffering alone. We are all in this thing together! I want us all to work on finding our flourish and understanding that there is enough shine to go around!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the site and reach out to me! I want to get to know ya so we can be best friend’s 🙂


xoxo (yes I LOVE Gossip Girl),